Pioneering UX & AI (2014)

Brandly Digital stands at the forefront of User Experience (UX) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration, pioneering innovative solutions since 2014.

As early adopters of machine learning technologies, we have accumulated vast experience in managing and executing complex projects that blend the realms of AI with intuitive design. Our hallmark project on the Governmental sector with the Parliament of Valais in Switzerland is a perfect example of how to use AI for enhancing digital accessibility and interactivity with an innovative interface and user experience.

AI at the Swiss Parliament

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Machine Learning

In 2014, at the dawn of AI’s integration into digital platforms, Brandly Digital (previously named Kinobrand) embarked on a transformative project with the Parliament of Valais in Switzerland.

Utilizing our AI-driven platform, Luma7, we introduced an era of automated, multilingual content linkage and accessibility within the parliamentary ecosystem.

This venture not only highlights our expertise but also our innovative spirit in applying AI for real-world impact.

Luma7 has transformed our content accessibility and engagement, making information discovery intuitive and seamless for our diverse audience

Deep Dive into Luma7

Luma7 stands as a beacon of AI excellence, characterized by innovations in thefield of AI, and with an intuitive user interface.

Main Features:

  • Automated Link Generation: Revolutionizing content linkage by automating the discovery and integration of relevant links directly into the textual content.
  • Advanced Connection Identification: Seamlessly connecting keywords, documents, and content across a spectrum of digital formats, enhancing the digital narrative.
  • Advanced Connection Identification: Seamlessly connecting keywords, documents, and content across a spectrum of digital formats, enhancing the digital narrative.
  • User Engagement Amplification: Elevating user experience through strategic content linkage, thereby boosting page views and engagement metrics.
  • Robust AI Features: Boasting entity recognition, text classification, multilingual support, and dynamic updates, Luma7 caters to the evolving needs of digital ecosystems.

Design & Impact

Since our inception, we have served a diverse range of clients, from government institutions to media houses, illustrating the versatile applicability of Luma7. This platform has been pivotal for:

Governments and NGOs

 Facilitating an interconnected digital framework for comprehensive understanding and accessibility of legislative content.

Media and News Organizations:

Streamlining content linkage, thereby enriching the user journey and content discoverability.

Business and Legal Sectors

Enhancing document linkage and discovery, optimizing operational efficiency.

Lessons Learned

Embarking on our AI-powered UX journey, we’ve uncovered invaluable lessons: persistence fuels innovation, user-centricity breeds success, and collaboration sparks brilliance. From tackling technical challenges to navigating ethical landscapes, our iterative approach ensures every project thrives with vibrancy and impact.


Iterative Development Leads to Improvement:
Adopting an iterative development approach allows for continuous refinement and improvement of AI-powered UX solutions based on user feedback, usability testing, and data analytics, leading to enhanced user satisfaction and engagement over time


User-Centric Design is Key:
Understanding the needs and behaviors of end-users is paramount in crafting effective digital solutions that resonate and add value.


Collaboration Drives Success:
Collaboration between multidisciplinary teams, including designers, developers, and clients, fosters creativity, efficiency, and ultimately, success in delivering impactful projects.