1. „Website“ includes all information, photos, images, and graphic artwork, design, texts and other material resources as well as any other information that may be found on the website https://brandlycollective.com/, as well as on a subdomain with the same address.

2. „Visitor“ is a any person who uses the Internet website https://brandlycollective.com/ and/or the services/information provided therein.


Art. 1. (1) These General Terms and Conditions are meant to regulate the relations between „Brandly Collective Ltd”, UIN 206206347, having seat and registered office in the city of Sofia, 7 “Boris Arsov” str., 1st fl., Bulgaria and the Visitors of the website https://brandlycollective.com/ and/or the services/information provided therein (“Brandly Collective”).

(2) The website https://brandlycollective.com/ is an online platform which provides information about the activity and services of Brandly Collective, articles and materials protected by copyright as well as links to other sites

(3) By accessing and loading the Website, all Visitors agree to be bound by these Terms and conditions and any amendments hereto and to comply with them.


Art. 2. (1) Information about Brandly Collective1. Name: „Brandly Collective”

2. Entry in public registers: UIN 206206347
3. Headquarters and address of management in 7 Boris Arsov Str., Vitosha district, 1700 Sofia, Bulgaria.

4. Correspondence data: 7 Boris Arsov Str., Vitosha district, 1700 Sofia, Bulgaria.

(2) Commission for Personal Data Protection Address: 2 Prof. Tzvetan Lazarov Str., 1592 Sofia, Bulgaria, tel.: 02/91-53-518, fax: 02/91-53-525, Email: kzld@cpdp.bg, Website: www.cpdp.bg


Art. 3. (1) All publications on the Website, including texts, design, program codes, software, database, photos, images, and graphic artwork and any other information are exclusive intellectual property of Brandly Collective and are under the protection of the Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights and may not be used by any means without the prior written consent of Brandly Collective.

(2) Any unauthorized use of the materials published on the Website without the permission of Brandly Collective is an infringement of the law for which the infringer shall be liable and take civil, administrative and penal responsibility in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.

Art. 4. (1) The User has no right to copy, preserve, process, publish, distribute in original or transformed form, as well as to use in any other way the texts, images or other parts of the content of the Website.

(2) Any references from other websites to the materials of this Website are permissible if made in accordance with the accepted principles of morality and the commercial practice and in case that a referral and its presentation do not give rise to doubts about the authorship of Brandly Collective of the materials so that visitors are not deceived.


Art. 5. (1) Brandly Collective shall take measures to protect the personal data of the Visitors in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and Privacy policy published on the Website.

(2) Brandly Collective does not provide identifying information to third parties and does not require a registration in order for the Visitor to use the Website.

(3) Due to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), coming into force in 25 May 2018, personal data which is processed on the basis of a consent should be processed based on a written and on a case-by-case consent given by the data subject.


Art. 6. All Visitors of the platform shall be obliged to:

1. comply with the Bulgarian legislation and these Terms and Conditions;

2. Restrain from any actions that might destroy or harm the platform or other systems (cracks).


Art. 7. (1) These Terms and Conditions can be amended by Brandly Collective, for which the latter will accordingly notify all Visitors by promptly publishing the amended Terms and Conditions, as well as a notice in connection with the amendment of these Terms and Conditions shall be sent to the them.

(2) The amendments of these Terms and Conditions shall have an effect to the Visitor after their publication by Brandly Collective.


Art. 8. (1) Brandly Collective shall provide access to the content of the Pages as is and shall not guarantee that the guidelines in the material in the Pages lead to the results aimed by the Visitors.

(2) Brandly Collective shall not be liable for any damages or lost profit due to execution by the Visitors of advices or guidelines containing in the published on the Pages materials.

(3) Brandly Collective shall not be liable for damages caused by the Visitors to third parties resulting from the use of the Pages and the materials contained therein.

(4) The Website contains references/links to other websites of third parties and Brandly Collective is not responsible for the content and consequences of the use of these websites.


Art. 9. The Visitors of the Pages shall be obliged to comply with the ethic norms and shall not harm the reputation of Brandly Collective in the course of the use of the Pages and the materials contained therein.

Art. 10. For all issues not specified herein related to the implementation and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria applies.

Art. 11. These Terms and Conditions enter into force for all Users on 17.07.2022.