At Brandly, we design memorable user experiences and interfaces for AI and ML digital products, aiming to make complex technology easy and intuitive for everyone


Artificial Intelligence

Why Brandly for your AI project?

We’re more than just a design agency; we’re pioneers who blend AI innovation with designs that everyone loves to use. Since 2014, starting with a groundbreaking AI solution for the Swiss government, we’ve been at the forefront of making AI technology accessible, engaging, and beneficial for businesses.

Our commitment has always been to push the limits of AI and user experience, aiming to not only improve how people interact with technology but also to enhance customer retention and conversion rates. With Brandly, you get a team that’s dedicated to creating experiences users love, powered by AI.”

The user tells the computer the desired result but does not specify how this outcome should be accomplished. ...This paradigm completely reverses the locus of control.

Our AI design philosophy

Design for AI

Design for AI means we design user-friendly interfaces specifically for AI products, making them intuitive for people to use and interact with.

Designing with AI

Designing with AI involves teamwork between humans and AI, using AI’s data insights to guide creative decisions together.

Designed by AI

Designed by AI means AI algorithms automatically create visual and structural designs based on set criteria, making the design process faster.

Our AI design philosophy encompasses three key areas: designing intuitive AI interfaces (‘for’), using AI to help with creative ideas (‘with’), and leveraging AI to automate design processes (‘by’). This holistic approach ensures our designs are innovative, user-friendly, and efficient.

The Brandly Difference:
AI + Design + UX = 😀

Brandly stands out by deeply understanding AI and user needs. This allows us to create technologically advanced yet user-friendly experiences

Our UX framework for AI

Our UX framework begins by understanding users and their context, focusing on user-centered and effective designs.

We create enjoyable interactions and prioritize trust, especially in AI, through transparency and reliability. Continuous testing and feedback refine our designs for real-world needs. Our goal is to create intuitive and meaningful AI interactions.


Understanding User Needs: Identifying and analyzing the needs, behaviors, and expectations of the target users.


Context Analysis: Assessing the environment in which the AI application will be used. Designing for Interaction: Focusing on how users will interact with the AI, ensuring usability and accessibility.


Designing for Interaction: Focusing on how users will interact with the AI, ensuring usability and accessibility.


Building Trust: Developing mechanisms to foster user trust in AI systems, such as transparency and reliability.


Iterative Testing and Feedback: Continually testing the AI system with real users and iterating based on their feedback.

Our UX / AI Design Expertise Includes

  • AI-Powered E-commerce Recommendations: We design AI systems that deliver personalized shopping experiences, recommending products tailored to user behaviors and preferences.
  • Adaptive Learning Platforms: Our platforms adapt to each learner’s style and pace, creating a customized educational experience.
  • Financial Advisory Solutions: We develop financial tools powered by AI, offering bespoke advice and insights to demystify complex data for informed decision-making.
  • AI-Driven Healthcare Diagnostics: Our team crafts user-friendly interfaces for diagnostic tools, improving accuracy and ease of use for healthcare professionals.
  • Smart Home Interfaces: We create intuitive controls for smart home devices, making daily interactions seamless and efficient.

Why invest in AI ?


Streamlined Operations: Automation of routine tasks, enhancing efficiency.


Informed Decisions: Data-driven insights for smarter, strategic choices.


Personalized Engagement: Tailored customer experiences at scale.


Competitive Edge: Positioning as a forward-thinking industry leader.


Innovative Solutions: AI-driven innovation in products and services.


Cost Savings: Operational optimization reducing overheads.


Scalable Growth: Handling increased workload without proportional cost rise.


Risk Mitigation: Advanced analytics for proactive risk management.


Enhanced Brand Perception: Showcasing your business as innovative and customer-focused.


Marketing and Sales Boost: Targeted campaigns and improved conversion rates.

Have a project in mind?

Let’s discuss your ideas, and even if we’re not the perfect fit, we’ll offer valuable insights to aid your journey.”