Product Design


Lazee is not just an app; it’s a belief in simplifying life by streamlining appointment management, reducing stress, and freeing up valuable time. In our partnership with Lazee, we focused on this philosophy, working closely with their teams to develop an application that speaks of ease and reliability.

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Intuitive Product Design

Our efforts in designing a user-friendly app interface and website, along with a comprehensive design system, reflect our commitment to creating digital experiences that are not just intuitive but also empowering. This project is a testament to our dedication to blending powerful branding with a design approach centered around the user’s needs, making everyday scheduling effortless and more enjoyable. The app comprises strategic core flows — aligning the brand’s simplicity with the user experience by guiding users to the process of managing appointments. We went through the full cycle of product design, starting with user research and analysing data, UI design and testing.

The Lazee Brand

Lazee hired us with their name selection already in place — even securing the domain to have true ownership of the word in the brand’s digital presence. With the strength of the name in mind, our design choices were grounded in exemplifying the brand as confident, simple, and memorable.

The brand identity is driven and shaped by our strategy. Each touchpoint reflects the brand’s mission and core values. We designed Lazee’s visual language through a blend of a signature logotype, minimalistic typography, and illustrative language. We produced a premium, modern identity to portray the company’s innovative vision. Our work also included website design, brand book and brand materials creations.

"They have a profound understanding of the needs of a startup. Brandly has a deep understanding of the client's needs. They've created impressive UI/UX designs and completed deliverables on time. They've also been communicative and responsive to our change requests. Overall, I trusts their expertise and recommendations."
Josh Yang

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