At Brandly, we specialize in UI/UX design for AI and ML products. Our mission is to create human-centered AI-powered solutions that simplify complex problems without requiring additional effort from users.


Artificial Intelligence

Why Brandly for your AI project?

Why Brandly? Because we understand the delicate balance between AI’s potential and user-centric design. Our case studies, like the ‘FutureNews,’ (you can check here) demonstrate our prowess in melding user expectations with AI capabilities

We don’t just design; we innovate in a way that makes AI accessible and engaging. Our expertise lies in tailoring experiences that users don’t just use but love

The user tells the computer the desired result but does not specify how this outcome should be accomplished. ...This paradigm completely reverses the locus of control.

Our Experience with AI

At Brandly, we’re not just a design agency; we’re innovators at the intersection of AI and user experience.

 Our experience with AI projects started in 2014, developing and advanced AI solution for the Swiss government, and we’ve been dedicated to transforming how businesses interact with technology since then. 

We’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in AI and product design, as a way to improve User Experience (UX), customer retention and conversion rates.with

Design for AI

Design for AI” humans craft intuitive interfaces and user experiences that seamlessly integrate AI technologies to enhance functionality and user satisfaction.

Designing with AI

Designing  with AI” denotes collaborative efforts, where humans and AI collaborate in ideation and decision-making, leveraging AI’s data-driven insights to inform creative choices. 

Designed by AI

Designed by AI” involves automated design generation, where AI algorithms generate visual and structural elements based on predefined criteria, speeding up design

For – With – By Ai

Brandly stands at the forefront of AI-driven design, where empathy meets technology.

Our approach captures the essence of our innovation, having in consideration 3 axis: —Designing for AI, Designing with AI, and designing by AI.

“Designing for AI” is our core business, and it focuses on crafting interfaces that intuitively blend with AI functionalities, enhancing user satisfaction and conversions.

“Designing with AI” reflects our collaborative spirit, harnessing AI’s analytical prowess for creative solutions.

“Designed by AI” is at the frontier of automated design generation, where we orchestrate and curate generative design to multiply the efforts our team of inhouse creatives. At Brandly, we create more than designs; we create experiences that resonate.

The Brandly Difference:
AI + Design + UX = 😀

At Brandly, our unique approach involves deeply understanding both the AI technology and the user. This dual focus allows us to design experiences that are not only technologically sophisticated but also empathetically aligned with human needs and behaviors. 

Our UX framework for AI

Our user experience framework is the heartbeat of Brandly UX/AI . It’s a meticulous five-step journey, beginning with a deep understanding of user needs and context analysis. We then sculpt interactions that are not just usable but delightful. Building trust is paramount, especially in AI, where transparency and reliability are key. Lastly, our iterative testing and feedback loop ensures that our designs are continually refined to meet real-world demands. 

We’re not just designing interfaces; we’re crafting pathways to intuitive and meaningful engagements with AI.


Understanding User Needs: Identifying and analyzing the needs, behaviors, and expectations of the target users.


Context Analysis: Assessing the environment in which the AI application will be used. Designing for Interaction: Focusing on how users will interact with the AI, ensuring usability and accessibility.


Designing for Interaction: Focusing on how users will interact with the AI, ensuring usability and accessibility.


Building Trust: Developing mechanisms to foster user trust in AI systems, such as transparency and reliability.


Iterative Testing and Feedback: Continually testing the AI system with real users and iterating based on their feedback.

Shaping the Future of AI Design

As AI technologies evolve, the way users interact with these systems must also advance. We create experiences that are not only intuitive and user-friendly but also harness the full potential of AI capabilities. 

Now, as AI continues to spread to various sectors—from healthcare to finance, education to entertainment—ensuring these interactions are seamless and effective for the user is paramount.

Why invest in AI ?


Streamlined Operations: Automation of routine tasks, enhancing efficiency.


Informed Decisions: Data-driven insights for smarter, strategic choices.


Personalized Engagement: Tailored customer experiences at scale.


Competitive Edge: Positioning as a forward-thinking industry leader.


Innovative Solutions: AI-driven innovation in products and services.


Cost Savings: Operational optimization reducing overheads.


Scalable Growth: Handling increased workload without proportional cost rise.


Risk Mitigation: Advanced analytics for proactive risk management.


Enhanced Brand Perception: Showcasing your business as innovative and customer-focused.


Marketing and Sales Boost: Targeted campaigns and improved conversion rates.

Our UX / AI Design capabilities:

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